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Sophie Thornley

Legal Pro Bono Week – Sophie Thornley at Birketts

One of our legal partners, Birkett’s provide support both through their team taking on requests, as well as through the efforts of one of their Senior Associates, Sophie Thornley who is the pro bono lead on our East of England Regional Board.

LandAid’s Paul Morrish in conversation with Phil Kerry, CEO of New Horizon Youth Centre

Phil Kerry is the CEO of New Horizon Youth Centre (NHYC), a leading youth homelessness charity. Under his leadership, NHYC has transformed from a holistic service provider to young Londoners experiencing homelessness to an organisation with national change impact. His vision for change and dedication to the youth sector is inspirational. Phil spoke to LandAid CEO, Paul Morrish, about his career in the youth sector, the future of New Horizon and how tackling youth homelessness is more than just providing housing.