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Ambassador of the Month #5 – Emma Murray

We're really pleased to announce our fifth Ambassador of the Month, Emma Murray from Palmer Capital! We selected Emma for her fantastic work in her time as one of our London Lead Ambassadors, including her outstanding efforts in Palmer Capital's annual Money Maker Challenge which raises enormous totals for LandAid every year. She also massively helped in the organisation of our LandAid Ambassador Christmas Drinks, which Palmer Capital kindly hosted at their offices.

My first week at LandAid: My head’s spinning from the opportunities we have

Last week our new Head of Programmes & Impact, Sean Tizzard, joined the LandAid team. We're so excited to have Sean on board, and his first week was a busy one which saw him travelling around the UK, learning more about our grant programme, our charity partners and some of the amazing work we've been able to help fund across the country.

Why don’t we include society’s visible invisibles in our masterplans?

I love architects' designs. As a child I spent hours drawing my perfect' house. It was exactly how I wanted it. So, when I see those beautiful brochures of new developments - master-plans proclaiming places people should want to live, work and play in, I'm back in my bedroom with paper and coloured pencils. Sculpted trees, litter-free streets, little traffic, blue skies. It's how we want it to be.