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How Giroscope are turning empty houses into homes

One of the many amazing charity partners we work with is Giroscope in Hull. As it is Empty Homes Week this week, we thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight the work Giroscope do in buying and renovating empty homes. Not only do they make the properties into usable accommodation, they also encourage volunteers and prospective tenants to help in the renovation project, giving them a greater sense of ownership of the property.

Lead Ambassador Anna Stewart reports back on her site visit to LandAid House

Lack of opportunity does not mean lack of aspiration, and LandAid House will help young people to unlock it. Everyone deserves a good first start in life. I was lucky enough to have one - a conventional' path through a good school, two parents who encouraged me in my chosen degree and a solid network of friends and family that ensured I sailed comfortably through the rocky waters of their divorce.