Chloe's story

Since 1998, Whitehaven Community Trust has provided homeless hostel for young people aged between 16-24 years. 

Chloe is just one of the young people WCT has helped. 

This is her story.

Chloe came to Whitehaven Community Trust in the height of the pandemic in June, she was 19 and homeless. Her parents had decided they could no longer have her in their home, she had gotten amongst the wrong crowd and started taking drugs, drinking and staying away from home days on end. She wasn't communicating with them and was extremely introverted when she was there. It got too much for her parents, they had had reached breaking point and told her to leave.

But Chloe had had nowhere else to go.

When she arrived at Whitehaven Community Trust, she was reserved, introverted, highly anxious, very shy and found communicating with staff difficult. She came at a time of isolation due to the Covid pandemic and so she was asked to stay in her room for seven days to protect the other young people.

Whitehaven Community Trust's Project Workers brought her meals and toiletries and would sit and chat with her from outside her doorway throughout the day, slowly they got to know her, and it became clear it was the drugs and alcohol she was taking  were making her introverted, stressed and paranoid.

After a few days, she started to open up, she became more inquisitive and often instigated conversations with our staff. Without the drugs and alcohol, she became confident, aware and secure in her surroundings.

After her seven days of isolation she gradually came out of her bedroom and started to join the others in the communal areas. She's formed friendships and speaks of her aspirations and hopes for the future. After reflecting on her behaviour and the paths she had chosen, she's realised that this is not the person she wants to be, she wants success and happiness.

She now has a great relationship with both residents and staff. She has stayed clean of the drugs.

She wants to go to college to train in football management and she is slowly looking into it at her own pace. From the introverted, shy, jumpy and passive young lady she has now made friends, gained self-esteem and is future thinking.