The LandAid Christmas Appeal

Change the lives of young homeless people this winter

Thursday, December 31, 2020 - 00:00

This year, the young and homeless have been more isolated than ever. For many, this Christmas may be a difficult time. The young and homeless may not be able to see friends and family, and will feel continue to feel alone.

And that is why we will be launching our LandAid Day appeal on 1 December.

This is the chance for you to give young and homeless people the Christmas they deserve.

Option 1)

£12 could pay for a young person’s phone contract – ensuring they can keep in touch with their support network over the Christmas period

Option 2)

£29 could provide kitchen essentials, so young homeless people are able to cook hot and nutritious meals this winter

Option 3)

£50 can give a young person a session with a mental health advocate to help with social isolation, exacerbated by COVID and Christmas

Option 4)

£164 could bring someone in from the cold this winter and pay for a month’s stay in a project where we have created a bed space

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