Build to Rent Pathfinder

Supporting and expanding opportunities for young people to move on from temporary accommodation to secure housing.

LandAid’s Build to Rent Pathfinder is designed to unite and engage the property and wider built environment industry to expand the number of vital homes available to young people who are ready for independent living. 

The initiative was launched in 2021 because we know that many young people facing homelessness are in employment, education, or training, or are ready to do so, but despite this, many are unable to secure private tenancies due to their financial status or lack of permanent address. This means that these young people often find themselves living in supported housing or hostels that they no longer need and are desperate to leave. 

Sometimes young people simply need a helping hand – a route out of homelessness.

This is where the Build to Rent Pathfinder seeks to make a difference. 

By partnering with socially minded organisations willing to allocate a number of tenure-blind flats, LandAid aims to support 100 young people into independent living this year.

The Build to Rent Pathfinder is a collaborative partnership between Build to Rent providers, LandAid and reputable frontline homelessness charities.

Build to Rent providers will allocate flats/homes for an agreed period of time and LandAid will match local schemes with reputable youth homelessness charities in the area who have young people ready to move-on into independent living.  

We ask that Build to Rent providers partially subsidise the young tenants’ rent – this may be between 35%-50% depending on location and others factors, such as Local Housing Allowance rates.

The overarching aim is to create access to subsidised, high quality move-on accommodation that will enable more young people to move-on in a sustainable, supportive, and empowering environment that is also affordable.

Last year, an estimated 129,000 young people approached their local council for housing support. Our industry has not only the tools, but the means to make a difference. In collaboration with LandAid and the innovative Build to Rent Pathfinder we can help young people who are ready for independent living, through the provision and expansion of suitable accommodation.
Michael Brodtman | Non-Executive Director, Grainger plc and LandAid Patron

By supporting this initiative, the Build to Rent sector has the unique opportunity to be a real force for good. This commitment is about much more than the S in ESG and is an opportunity to truly help turn someone’s life around. 

Build to Rent in action: A stepping stone to independence

The first young person to be supported by LandAid’s Build to Rent Pathfinder is Linh Le, who has moved into a beautiful fully furnished property at Baltic Yard in Liverpool City Centre.

Following a successful pilot programme which provided 6 homes for young people in Build to Rent developments in Liverpool and Harrow, we look forward to expanding this initiative and engaging the Build to Rent sector across the UK to provide safe, secure accommodation for young people, helping them to transition to independent living.

LandAid’s Build to Rent Pathfinder presents a unique and innovative opportunity for the real estate industry to come together and play a part in tackling the urgent issue of youth homelessness. By joining forces, we have the potential to not only create a wider industry movement, but achieve strong, long-lasting, local impact.
Helen Gordon | Chief Executive Officer, Grainger plc and LandAid Patron

If you would like further information on ways to get involved with LandAid’s Build to Rent Pathfinder, please contact: 

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