StreetSmart works with restaurants and pubs across the UK to raise money for vulnerable and homeless members of their local community by adding a £1 donation to each diner’s bill during the months of November and December.

LandAid is incredibly proud to partner with StreetSmart for the sixth year running as part of their campaign to help tackle homelessness.

SleepSmart also works with hotels across the country to raise funds for people experiencing homelessness.

In 2023 the campaign raised over £1 million! £700,000 of this will support youth specific homelessness charities.

You can see the impact that the funds from the 2022 campaign are already having right across the UK here.

Are you a youth homelessness charity based in London who could benefit from StreetSmart funding?

Due to such high involvement from the hospitality industry in and around London, this means we are hosting an open funding round for Greater London based youth homelessness charities.

From Wednesday 15 May to Friday 14 June, London charities can apply for grants of between £10-£50k.

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Are you a restaurant or hotel who would like to take part in the StreetSmart 2024 campaign?

You, your diners and your guests can support people experiencing homelessness this winter.

Read more about the campaign and benefits.

Want to support the StreetSmart 2024 campaign?

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With LandAid’s support and networks we believe StreetSmart can head into the future with new opportunities to grow and flourish as we take on the very necessary fight against homelessness.
William Sieghart, co-founder of StreetSmart