Why take part in the 2024 StreetSmart campaign?

If you own or work for a restaurant or hotel that is interested in taking part in the StreetSmart 2024 campaign it couldn’t be simpler! You and your diners/guests can support people experiencing homelessness this winter. Read more about the campaign and benefits.


What is the campaign?

The StreetSmart campaign runs every year in November and December, with amazing support from the hospitality industry. Voluntary £1 donations are added to diners’ bills at participating restaurants and guests at participating hotels (SleepSmart) across the UK, all to support local homelessness charities.

Celebrating its 25th year, StreetSmart has raised over £13 million since 1998 and every year the campaign now sees over 500 restaurants taking part.

In 2023 the campaign raised over £1 million! £700,000 of this will support youth specific homelessness charities.

You can see the impact that the funds from the 2022 campaign are already having right across the UK here. 

How does it work? 


There is no cost to you for taking part! During November and December a voluntary £1 is added to diner’s/guests bills at participating restaurants and hotels. Our research shows that 99% people are happy to make a £1 donation, especially during the winter months. However, if they would prefer not to, they can ask to opt-out fuss-free. 


At the end of the campaign all funds raised will be passed to StreetSmart via BACS to be used to support local reputable charities tackling homelessness. Every year we are amazed how much these £1 donations add up and the positive impact they create in communities across the UK.    


Every penny goes to help those who have nowhere else to turn. LandAid covers all the administrative costs and therefore ALL donations go to local charities.  

Participating restaurants and hotels will join a network of our generous hospitality supporters and benefit from: 


  • Featuring on the StreetSmart website. 


  • Gaining access to a bespoke social media asset with partner logos to promote participation in the campaign.


  • Receiving an invitation to the totaliser wrap party, alongside other participating restaurants and hotels, press and wider hospitality contacts. 


  • Mentions where possible in local press.   

How to sign up

Get in touch with our LandAid Strategic Partnerships Officer, Alisa Yakhno at alisa.yakhno@landaid.org.
She will put you in touch with the StreetSmart Campaign Director who will guide you through the sign up process to enable you to support the campaign as soon as possible.

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