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Articulate Community Trust

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About the Organisation


Articulate was established in 2017 to make sure children with care experience can have a positive childhood. Our mission is to give young Scots equality of opportunity by removing barriers to enjoyment of the arts, exploring their creative interests and engaging with the contemporary cultural landscape.

We provide direct support through the arts for wellbeing, to build skills and give a voice and platform to those in and those who have left care and who share our vision, mission, and passion for creativity as a tool for emotional, educational, ecological and economic health. Our relationship with places and spaces, including the planet, is pivotal to our charitable purpose and ten-year plan (available on request).

Articulate is a niche and specialist charity that has equality, diversity and inclusion at its core and co-designs services that benefit Scotland’s most vulnerable young people, specifically those who are or have experienced care, homeless, seeking asylum, at risk, or living in poverty in our most challenged communities.

Through our access, participation and employability projects, Articulate improves the well-being, achievement, and attainment of young people of all backgrounds. Articulate works with the most skilled participatory and teaching artists in Scotland, across all art-forms and inclusively with children at all ages and stages of their social, educational and emotional development. We deliver highly creative programmes for children that focus on developing positive outcomes for learning, for life and in preparation for the world of work.

Request details

Articulate Cultural Trust have identified a need to provide trauma-informed places and spaces (TIPS), for the care experienced young people that they work with. This was first realised as an outcome of UK-wide research that Articulate carried out with care-experienced young people working and travelling alongside social researchers from Abertay University. Since then, they have also seen an increase in the number of service users who are at risk of homelessness.

To enable the charity to provide effective, emergency support to the young people they support, their new ten-year plan details an ambitious and long-term commitment to buy, own and run creative/arts facilities with residential capacity in each of Scotland’s key cities (where the populations of care experienced young people are highest) as well as in rural / island settings.

They are at the very beginning of this journey and would therefore be very grateful for pro bono advice from someone with investment expertise, to explore the following:

  • Potentials for local and national solutions (in urban, island and rural settings).
  • Options for resourcing their proposition to acquire and run arts properties with residential capabilities.
  • Establishing a sustainable, reliable and robust funding model for the long-term.
  • Strategies, priorities and deliverables in support of a ten-year plan of action.



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