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Ride On – Cycling for All
Fit Out Design / Cost Estimates

About the Organisation


We have a vision for a clean, healthy and active Exeter and Devon, with a focus on people who want to ride more but aren’t able to, either because they don’t have a safe and reliable bike, or they lack confidence. Our mission goes back to 2011 when it was recognised that more than half of the primary school children being taught couldn’t access our free courses because they didn’t have a bike. Ride On – Cycling for All was set up in response to this need and via donations of unwanted bicycles and refurbishment by our volunteers, they are either sold to raise capital or donated to those in need. Donations from the public are currently stored in our large workshop at Exeter Quay.

In 2021 we put 830 bikes back into use with over 5200 bikes back in use since we were formed in 2011. Last year over 100 women attended weekly (women-led) bike mechanics sessions and 1000’s of people a year stayed cycling because of Ride on.

Our aim is to create a place where the local community can visit and talk about bikes, exercise, learn road safety, provide cycle training for all ages along with bike maintenance and route planning.

Services include:

  • Buy a bike scheme using donated bikes.
  • Bike surgery – chance for people to learn how to repair their own bike.
  • Courses and cycling information.
  • A smoothie bike – a bike powered blender
  • Work with the NHS to help people build their confidence through bike mechanics.
  • Rickshaw Project– giving people a chance to ride who are unable to ride themselves because of age or disability.

Request details

Ride On – Cycling for All currently operates from a space located next to Exeter Quays, on the edge of the city centre. It has been rented at £2,500 a year from the Local Authority since 2014. They have recently been advised that they are likely to be evicted from their current site by the end of 2023 as the building is being redeveloped. They are therefore looking for an alternative site to run the charity.

As their current landlord Exeter City Council are planning to build a car free area, they are happy to help them find an alternative site in line with their plans. It is expected that this new site will be identified in June (pending a planning application for the Council’s new development which is due for submission in March).

Once the site has been identified, the charity will require support with understanding their options for the fit-out and the associated financial implications, so that they can undertake fundraising activity to pay for it.

Ride On – Cycling for All would therefore welcome pro bono support with designing the fit-out design of the new space, as well as cost estimations for the work. They are also likely to require project management support as the project progresses.


June 2023 onwards – depends on when a new site is identified

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