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Founded over 50 years ago, Look Ahead is a specialist charitable housing association and provider of tailor-made care, support and accommodation services. We support thousands of people across London and the South East with a diverse range of needs, helping them to make individual choices, achieve goals, and take control of their own lives.

We provide opportunities for our staff and customers to work together to design and deliver services. Our support is aspirational and strengths-based, encouraging our customers to identity and focus on their skills, abilities and aspirations, not just their needs. Our teams deliver person-centred support, tailored to what each individual wants and needs. We support people to make their own choices and take as much control of their support as possible, as they move towards greater independence.

We are a trusted partner for 37+ local authorities and NHS trusts, delivering integrated health, social care and housing services to offer flexible, personalised care, which reduces pressure on in-patient services and can lead to significant cost savings. We provide specialist support and care for people with needs including:

  • Homelessness and complex needs.
  • Young people/care leavers.
  • Mental health and learning disabilities.

Request details:

Look Ahead is keen to meet the requirements of the new building safety regulations which are putting greater pressure on landlords to hold key information regarding their buildings.

They have recently invested in a new asset management system and would benefit significantly from pro bono services to support the maintenance and improvement of their housing stock throughout London and the South East, to inform efforts to deliver decent homes standards.

They work to a 5-year cycle of reviewing the condition of their properties, but they are behind where they need to be, so there is some urgency on several sites where their information is unlikely to be particularly good. They have therefore identified a number of flats which they would like to prioritise for surveying.

The properties have been broken down into 3 groups based on age, EPC rating, potential EPC rating and Look Ahead specific criteria. All properties are of a traditional build, approximately 55% of which are purpose-built flats.  Information on unit types and build date categories is available.

Look Ahead would be grateful for pro bono support with any or all of the following services, initially to look at a small number of properties with the potential to develop a longer term relationship to look at more of their accommodation portfolio:

  • Condition survey – build type, age, condition, sustainability, suitability, etc.
  • Measured Floor plans
  • HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating System) Assessment
  • Recommendations on potential energy efficiency improvements



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