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About the Organisation


Christ in the Community CIC is a faith-based organisation that supports churches in the UK to promote their community services including:

  • Outreach programs.
  • Youth work.
  • Early intervention schemes alongside the police.
  • Antisocial behaviour reduction.
  • Crime reduction amongst young people.
  • Programmes within schools.
  • Mental well-being
  • Services for the elderly.
  • Food banks

They also have an overseas function supporting communities in Jamaica enabling children to attend school by providing school supplies and fuel in order that they achieve their full potential.

The church is in the process of establishing a Wellbeing Centre to help people in the local community struggling with isolation, loneliness and mental difficulties through talking therapy, group therapy, gardening, and other activities.

Request details:

The charity are now at a stage where they would like establish their own Wellbeing Centre  via a Community Ownership model and have the following requirements:

  • Location – Surrey and East Sussex, bordering Surrey.
  • Size of space – large enough to house their services and include 2/3 acres of land or more.
  • Will consider renovation or self-build.

The church would very much appreciate support with a property search to find a suitable space to carry out their crucial work and realise their plans.



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