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Nadiya (meaning ‘hope’ in Ukrainian) is a charity that specialises in refugee resettlement. The organisation is dedicated to helping individuals displaced by conflict or persecution. Nadiya matches refugees with U.K. hosts, completes the protracted visa application process, assists with both long-term and short-term housing, securing employment, and ultimately facilitates refugees in sustainably living in the United Kingdom. The vast majority of its beneficiaries are mothers, young children, and the elderly. 

Nadiya has assisted over 1,230 refugees and brought 12 animals to safety. Despite being less than a year-and-a-half old, the organisation has garnered support from a wide array of individuals and established a number of unique service partnerships with several leading organisations 

One of Nadiya’s flagship services is the Long-Term Housing Programme (LTHP), where they offer a package of financial support to overcome the structural barriers preventing refugees from entering the private rented sector. This means they pay the requisite deposit and up-front rent in the form of a loan, serve as a guarantor and loan furniture- all on an interest-and-fee free basis.  

Nadiya has helped 175 Ukrainian families secure stable, sustainable accommodation in the private rented sector, and have now expanded their scope to support refugees from other countries. 

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A corporate partner has very generously donated £4.1 million worth of brand-new furniture (circa 2,400 pallets) to the organisation to help their service users. However, they do not currently have anywhere to store it.  

The pallets are fully sealed and flat-packed and Nadiya estimate that to store them, they need circa 90,000 sq ft of warehouse space (less, if racked). 

Nadiya are therefore seeking pro bono space in which to store the pallets on a temporary basis for 6 to 12 months. The space is only intended to be used for storage purposes- not distribution. 

The charity is open to any suitable space and have requested that we highlight the potential business rate savings for providing a vacant property for a charitable purpose.  

Their preferred location is in the East Midlands, but they are also open to other locations.  



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