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Lemon Leopard is part of Charitable Community Benefit Society, Safari Sanctuary, which aims to create a more equitable society. Initially founded by a group of academics in 2016 and formally established in 2020, Safari Sanctuary brings together the collective imagination of people and organisations across a range of sectors, industries and workplaces.

We support marginalised people (specifically young people) to access our services. We do this through a number of cross cutting projects, including Safari Folklore our live music venue providing free cultural and creative practice, and Safari Nosh our micro equitable food van where young people are provided with training and work experience. We also provide a safe harbour for young people fleeing their families and who fall in between gaps in local statutory provision.

We are on a journey to create a new kind of cohousing scheme based on Equitable Living Practice, aiming to develop the UK’s first permanent Living Equitable Community – an enhanced co-housing scheme for marginalised people. This will include a ‘Democratic Common House’, which acts as an extension to peoples’ homes where they can come together to support one another, socialise, and share skills and experiences as members of a collaborative care community.

Now in receipt of a grant from the People’s Health Trust, we have begun to convert the space above our Safari Folklore venue to establish a pilot project, ‘Safari Hangout’. This will demonstrate some elements of the Living Equitable concept which we hope will lead to further Local Authority support in securing land or space locally to realise our longer-term ambitions.

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Lemon Leopard are working hard to raise funds for their plans. They have a good track record of raising money from trusts and foundations, but they are aware that there are other sources of funding that they are not currently accessing.

Plans have been prepared and they have a target list of charitable trusts and foundations, but they need more strategic input to achieve their fundraising goals.

They would therefore be very grateful for pro bono support to help plan a fundraising strategy to engage corporates and high-net worth individuals, as well as to attract legacy funding from wills.



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