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Paul’s Place is a charity that enhances life for physically disabled adults. We do this by providing social activities that connect people, reducing isolation and give people the opportunity to develop new skills, enjoy new experiences and live life to the full.

Established in 1995, Paul’s Place has worked with and supported hundreds of physically disabled adults and those with cognitive and sensory impairment. At its heart, Paul’s Place is a peoples-based charity and people remain at the heart of everything we do, and people remain the ambition of everything we strive to do over the next five years.

By 2025 we aim to be supporting 50% more adults with physical, cognitive and sensory impairments. To do this, we have set an ambitious strategy that includes new service provision and ways of delivering Paul’s Place, working more in the community and in partnership with others.

We know that disabled people still face discrimination. Disability hate crime has been on the increase in recent years and, due to the austerity measures of the last ten years, disabled people are one of the groups most likely to live in poverty. It is also a fact that disabled people are more likely to be isolated and experience loneliness, as well as facing higher-level health inequalities and mental health issues. Despite some depressing realities, Paul’s Place remains a charity that is positive and looks for creative solutions to overcome these challenges. Working within the social model of disability our approach is to work alongside disabled people in bringing about change.

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Paul’s Place has been successful in their bid to take on the long-term tenancy of Community Centre, Shire Way, Yate, South Gloucestershire, BS37 8YS. The property has been given Asset of Community Value status by South Glos council.

Their vision is to create the ‘Paul’s Place Hub’, a completely accessible building that will enable them to support more disabled people through a varied programme of activities and rehabilitation. The charity has already saved up £600k, towards the re-modelling/refurbishment work and will be applying for additional grants/ fundraising to meet the overall cost of the project.

They have an architect on board to provide design sketches to help translate the charity’s ambitions for re-modelling the community centre. However, there is currently no scale floor/building plan available for the building and a measured survey will be required. (There is currently a fire safety floor plan which is not to scale).

The charity would therefore be grateful for pro bono support with the following: 

  1. A measured survey of the community centre to enable detailed plans to be drawn up for the refurbishment.

  2. Project Management advice and guidance to help the charity plan and deliver this project. To help with understanding & managing costs, which work to prioritise in which order and when to engage different suppliers. Whether to roll out the refurbishment in phases etc.

Additional information including sales particulars and various survey reports are available



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