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Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture 
Architecture and Structural Engineering

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Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture is a residential facility based at Macaroni Wood in the Cotswolds for disadvantaged and disabled children and young people. Their work began 50 years ago with inner city children from the Borough of Lewisham and since then have provided residential experiences to over 50,000 disadvantaged children and young people. They have invested over £1million into their residential facility since that time. 

Their aim is to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people who are experiencing social or educational exclusion, by reason of their youth, disability, poverty, or other social and economic circumstances. They do this by providing a meaningful residential and outdoor learning experience in a woodland environment, to help them grow more confident, promoting their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture provide outdoor activity sessions to help children connect with nature through learning. Thus, enabling them to take advantage of safe green space, escaping the classroom, gaining new skills, experience, and confidence, and a closeness to nature and the countryside. The diverse range of children’s organisations they work with, all experience barriers in enjoying the opportunities for respite, relaxation and learning close to nature in a safe green space. 

Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture has two residential buildings that accommodates up to 51 disadvantaged children and young people for outdoor residential trips. 

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The Charity has a building that contains, a sports hall, classroom, kitchen and toilets, with an adjoining bike maintenance shed. For the last few years, the roof has been leaking rainwater and it now appears that the roof needs a complete overhaul- which would have significant costs to the charity.  

The building is currently closed but the charity is looking into long term options. They are considering the possibility of converting the building into a residential building. 

Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture would therefore be grateful for architectural and engineering advice on how best to approach this and  a feasibility study. 


Before December 2024  

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