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Home Start Horizons (HSH) is the original Home-Start founded in 1973, an incorporated charity delivering family support and services via an established volunteer-led early help peer-support service. We provide 121 and group support to families in the community with a child under 5.

Most of the staff are frontline with a very small management team. Studies show people with 4 adverse childhood experiences mean they are 30 times more likely to commit suicide, showing the clear need for early intervention services.

HSH has supported families with young children throughout Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland (very diverse setting) for the 49 years, listening to the changing needs of 6000+ families and 12,000+ children, adapting support to meet needs. We have a track record of delivering effective, innovative, and successful interventions and projects, including specialist mental health interventions and are a Pilot Light Award 2019 Winner.

Impact/Scope of the service:

  • Work with 0-5 years for adverse childhood experiences, trauma, and poverty.
  • Pre-Covid we were supporting 400 families a year, 700 children a year.
  • The service massively impacts on young adult’s ability to access education, employability, health services and reduce entry into the prison system.
  • Provide ‘Parental modelling’ and families with social, emotional physical development.
  • Offer post-natal illness support (cost to Government would be £20,000-30,000).
  • Get children school ready.
  • Offer low level support for the 80% of referrals who report having mental health issues.
  • Help reduce the £100,000 a year cost to Government for keeping a child out of care.

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Surestart Horizons is an autonomous charity, established 50 years ago part of a federated network under the remit of the Home-Start UK, sharing best practice, quality control and branding.

The charity is now at a stage where they would like to explore their options around going independent of the federated network and would very much appreciate Pro Bono support with scoping, practical steps, any implications, viability, costs and benefits of such a move.



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