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Drainage Survey
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YMCA Trinity Group is a local charity that has been at the heart of community transformation in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk since 1852. Above all, our focus has always been on building proactive and sustainable communities with an emphasis on supporting Young People and helping them to realise their full potential on their journey from dependence to independence.

We work with individuals and families to build better futures through our extensive range of programmes and interventions. This includes Housing, Childcare, Health & Fitness, Youth Projects, Youth Justice Services, Mental Health Counselling, Employability Programmes, Volunteering and much more.

At YMCA Trinity Group we have eight residential sites and 15 houses, with over 400 units available across our region. We deliver our programmes across the whole of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, with key local provision across the region.

We offer supported and emergency housing for young people, including care leavers, homeless young people, unaccompanied asylum seeker children, and young people with special needs. In addition, we offer parent and child supported housing, as well as student accommodation. Our philosophy of supporting young people holistically means that we provide not only a bed, but we also help a young person transition from dependence into independence by giving support, training, life skills and building resilience in order to lead to independent living.

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As a registered housing association and commissioned support provider YMCA Trinity Group have the expertise to ensure young people succeed in their tenancies and leave homelessness behind for good. One of their major challenges is securing decent and affordable accommodation for young people, when they are ready for greater independent living, with a significant shortfall in availability against need within the region. Therefore, they are investing in new developments, designed to create additional accommodation for young people who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness.

One of their developments Rightwell House, Peterborough, an office to residential conversion with plans to create 63 units, is now at a stage where it requires support. The planning is not yet in place, and the charity need to undertake a number of assessments before submitting their application.

 YMCA Trinity Group would therefore be very grateful for offers of pro bono support for one or all the following surveys: 

  • Electrical & Mechanical survey
  • Fire Safety Survey/Strategy
  • Drainage survey
  • Asbestos survey
  • Structural survey and condition report


By end of May 2023

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