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Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture
Structural Engineer/Drainage Inspection
SOUTH WEST – Cirencester

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Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture is a residential facility based at Macaroni Wood, in the Cotswolds for disadvantaged and disabled children and young people, we are a registered charity. Our work began 50 years ago with inner city children from the Borough of Lewisham and since then have provided residential experiences to over 50,000 disadvantaged children and young people. We have invested over £1million into our residential facility since this time.

Our aim is to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people who are experiencing social or educational exclusion, by reason of their youth, disability, poverty, or other social and economic circumstances. We do this by providing a meaningful residential and outdoor learning experience in a woodland environment, to help them grow more confident, promoting their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

We provide outdoor activity sessions to help children connect with nature through learning. Thus, enabling them to take advantage of safe green space, escaping the classroom, gaining new skills, experience, and confidence, and a closeness to nature and the countryside. The diverse range of children’s organisations we work with, all experience barriers in enjoying the opportunities for respite, relaxation and learning close to nature in a safe green space.

Request details

1. Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture have noticed significant cracking to one of their accommodation buildings, Castree House (built in 1998). They have received an initial structural report that sought to determine the structural condition of the building and has concluded that the issue is subsidence.

The foundations require stabilising to stop the progressive vertical dropping. However, the cause has not been determined, with the following factors cited as potential reasons:

  • The soakaway being blocked or not working correctly
  • Leaking drains
  • The close proximity of a large oak tree to the LH side of the wall
  • Poor ground conditions due to historic tree roots

Included in the surveyor’s recommendations was an initial drain inspection and they have also been recommended to carry out a Helical stainless-steel reinforcement tie.

Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture would therefore be grateful for pro bono support to undertake the drainage survey, as well as to obtain a second opinion on the wider structural approach and whether they should consider more long terms solutions at this stage, as well as assistance with planning the necessary works and procuring contractors.

2. As they are in this position, the charity would also like to take stock of Castree House and understand how best to futureproof their facilities in line with their emerging Sustainability and Environmental Strategy. To include, connecting an existing air pump with solar panels, upgrading their existing Velux windows and other general improvements to the property.

The charity would therefore also be grateful for a surveyor to assist with identifying their options and establishing these plans.



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